Saturday, August 8, 2015

sights from the sea shore

Seabright beach might be my favorite Santa Cruz spot. With a dog friendly coastline and a great beach, I like that it's large enough still have some seclusion between sites. Bonfires at night are fun and the Santa Cruz beach boardwalk is a 20 minute walk away. Good views for photos and a peaceful afternoon are all I require for a trip to the beach. Maddie and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. 

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

a bloody whaaa ..?

So for someone who is British, you'd find it interesting to know...
 I had NO idea a place such as this even existed. 

Cameron's Inn is found on the side of Highway 1, in Half Moon Bay. For someone who has visited Great Britain and eaten at her share of pubs, this location is pretty spot on. The iconic old red telephone box sits outside the main entrance, with a chopping block and a vintage taxi, of course.

And as soon as you walk inside, there are hundreds of thousands of beer cans lining the walls, if you can see them through the dim lighting, it's a sight!! The dimly lit dining area and overall ambiance and decor is very authentic. 
They even have a gift shop in case you need some chocolates for the ride home. 

I indulged in the French Dip, a traditional sandwich made with roast beef and served with a side of the "au jus" or sauce.. that came from meat preparation.  
If you came for the fish and chips, you will NOT be disappointed. The thick fries are tender but crispy, and the fish has a great crust and is full of flavor. 
The tartar sauce was especially creamy, I dip the fries in it too. 

After walking around the property a bit, saying hi to stray cats (standard) we found ourselves at a bus. A double decker bus, at that! And if that doesn't impress you enough, it is the only bus you may smoke a fag in. 
"Cigarettes" for all of you Yanks reading this. 

If you find yourself in the Bay Area and hungry, take a drive to Half Moon Bay and take a mini vacation to jolly old England, and tell them Devon sent you. (wink wink**)

BOODY BRILLIANT I tell you, it is definitely worth an adventure to the coast.  

Ciao xx

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Drakes Brewery

Adventuring the other week led Robert and I to this little gem. Located in the Bay Area, more specifically San Leandro.. Is Drakes Brewery. My guy and I are fond of a few of their favors, but have always been interested in what else they have to offer. 

I decided on four favors, which I've never had before. The Black Rubusto, the 7x70, the Trappistito, and the Bavarian style Hefewiezen. 

Which just happened to work out well, since I brought my Bavarian with me ;) 

Out of the four, I enjoyed the Hefe and the Porter the best. The sharp, clean taste of the Hefewiezen was perfect for a warm day in California. The Porter was thick but not heavy, and the flavor out the end just bounced off your tastebuds. 

                       C H E E R S x o 

Tuesday, May 26, 2015


beach day in santa cruz
took the pup over to the coast and enjoyed a chicken sandwich while watching the waves. nothing like being a tourist in your own neighborhood. ��

I mean... it WAS a long day 

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide (the techie)

When you first find out about the newest gadget, and you can't wait to tell your one friend who you consider to be the guru of technology

...but they already heard about it weeks ago. 

Well, chances are they already know about every item on this list, 
but at least I can tell you where to buy it for them. :)

Happy Shopping, ciao x

1Fire TV stick $40 :: 2Portable charger $80 :: 3Ollo clip $80 :: 4Bitlock $120
5Screen towelettes $6 :: 6PS4 $420 :: 7. Sky Roam $100 :: 8. Jawbone Jambox $110 
9. Pebble smartwatch $99 :: 10Cord Taco 3 for $30 :: 11.Navdy $299 :: 12. headphones $80

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide (the adventurer)

You know that person in your life who is always out trying a new hobby and hanging with new friends or instagraming the latest food craze... well, this gift guide is for them. Make them believe that you spent all year finding the perfect gift for them, when all you had to do was check the blog.

Happy Shopping, ciao xx

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Fall Fashion

I think there are a lot of women who look forward to Fall style, because they love to layer. In the Summer, I layer necklaces and rings to make up for the layers of clothes I'm not wearing.

Autumn is a time for collard shirts and pull over sweaters, 
knee high socks and tall boots, scarves and beanies.

I'm predicting some very good trends for Fall, 
Here is what made my lust list.

60's style is back at it- bright colors and prints, plus pattern mixing is a must! 
Everyone should just go ahead and turn into a ball of wool- buy chunky sweaters and make them huge. 
The Norse print is going to be big just like the lumberjacks who wear them. If the print is too over powering try it on a backpack or hat. 
Turtle necks are very chic for fashion and I think the bigger the better. 
That black western hat is not saying goodbye just yet.. and neither is it's trendy military friend either, keep them close ;)

If you don't know what Lugs are, click here.. 
As far as colors, you can thank that Frozen chick.. ICE BLUE will be FIRE for Fall
Houndstooth and checks were once reserved for nerds only, now they're all over the runways and I like it. 
Maybe it's cause I'm a nerd, but I think you should buy a bow blouse in either print.. just saying. 

Lastly, Fall is for staying cozy. Rock your favorite sneakers and *pop that pep in your step.

metallic beanie $40 :: flat top hat $50 :: poncho $80
Vans $60 :: MAC Lips $16 top- Lingering Kiss, bottom- Violetta 

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